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Broken brakes on a fire engine

Ohio gentleman whose oil well caught fire. He issued a universal bulletin for help. To ensure a tough response, the oil baron also offered a $30,000 reward to whoever could put out the fire. All major fire houses from Newell, Chester, East Liverpool, Wellsville, Salinville and Dillonville sent help. They sent their best companies, accompanied by the most modern firefighting equipment. However, none of their trucks could get within 200 yards of the fire. The heat was too strong.

Finally, the Volunteer Fire Department of Calcutta appeared on the scene. They only had one wobbly truck, equipped with one ladder, two buckets of water, three buckets of sand, and a blanket. He didn’t even come with a hose.

When that old truck reached the point where all the other fire companies had stopped, its driver didn’t hesitate. He continued to push forward until he and his team were at the top of the fire. Calcutta volunteers jumped out of the truck, threw two buckets of water and three buckets of sand into hell, and then put out the fire with a blanket.

The oilman was so impressed by this display of courage; on the spot, he gave the driver $30,000 in cash and asked, “What are you and your people going to do with all that money?”

The driver didn’t hesitate, replying, “The first thing we’re going to do is fix those damn brakes on the truck!”

Moral of the story

It takes courage and sacrifice to overcome the conditions. In the story, the other fire houses couldn’t get to the fire because it’s too hot. And when things didn’t go well, they just lost time on the sidelines, watching as hell spread throughout the property. The old fire truck traveled 200 meters of flame effectively putting out the fire. Of course, everything would be impossible if the truck’s brakes worked properly, but the results are important.

The restriction is just an illusion that will only hold you back in a way that the other fire trucks in the story weren’t able to get rid of the fire. Luck favors the brave, if you want to succeed in life you must take on any challenge to the fullest.

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