I leave and surprisingly regain my trust

1 min readApr 7, 2022


I submitted my resignation letter 5 days before the end of 2018. I’m worried because there is no other job offer. “This is the right decision?” I asked myself every morning.
Tomorrow will be the third week, and I can say that this is the right decision. During these 3 weeks, I start brainstorming how to make up for the loss of income from my job.
In fact, I am much more capable than I think. I wrote down everything I could do to make a living on a piece of paper, my confidence level got higher as the list started to grow.
The most amazing thing that can happen is that after everyone knows that I quit, they start offering me some kind of job. Opportunities keep coming up and I’m less worried and more confident and I start believing that “I can do it!”.
If I had continued to work at my current company I would not have been able to regain my confidence.
What I learned is that as long as you trust yourself, there is hope.

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