Incident at the casino. Real story

2 min readApr 19, 2022


I’ve never had much luck in gambling. Before going to a real casino, my only gaming experience was in Fool cards and I was not successful. However, my boyfriend was very fond of playing slots, so one evening we decided to play in a real casino.

Entering the casino was a surreal experience for me. I will never forget the mixture of elegance, austerity and adrenaline that swept through this place.

My partner immediately bet the two free chips we received when entering two roulette wheel numbers. I followed him as he played slots and video poker, feeling curious and intimidated. However, as the evening wore on, when he kept losing, I got bored, especially when it became clear that he only looked at the screens.

I decided to play for 100 dollars on a slot machine to pass the time. I didn’t know what I was doing, which was obvious to the man sitting next to me at the machine, who asked me if this was my first time at a casino. I answered “Yes” and continued to randomly press the buttons of the slot, languidly looking at the screen.

He replied: “Well, the first time you were lucky! You just won 2000 dollars with a bonus! »

I was in a state of shock and disbelief and did not even realize that I had won. I immediately brought the ticket and cashed out the money. I returned to my boyfriend, who did not understand whether I left or not. He didn’t even answer when I asked, “How are you, love?”

Not wanting to waste any more time on him, I put the money I won into my wallet and went back to the guy who pointed out my winnings and offered him a drink. He agreed and we started talking. I found out that he was there for a bachelor party, but not being a casino player, he was bored. He gave me his number and I gave him mine.

In the meantime, my boyfriend managed to lose half of his salary and came up to me and asked if I had money in my wallet. I didn’t give him anything. We left.

I broke up with my boyfriend the next day and am now happily engaged to a sweet guy I met and befriended at the casino. On every anniversary we celebrate with a dinner and a casino game that brought us together.

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